LMS pricing should be easy. Scalable plans, with our all-in-one platform, starting at $300 a month.

10,000+ learners from leading companies trust us.

What you get:

Users To Scale

Know your costs and have room to scale without worrying about per user fees.

Reduce Questions, Save Time

Build resources and knowledge in a central location for your team to quickly find what they need.

Match Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of your platform to maintain brand consistency.

Valuable Asset

Get your team's knowledge out of people's heads and convert their knowledge into an asset.

One Place To Look

Stop searching your folders, within folders, within folders and surface what's important.

Consistent Performance

Answer the question "How do I know they know?" and empower your team s to take on more.

And more!

Is Performance Platform right for your business?

  • We work with companies as small as two employees up to associations with thousands of members. We’re sure if you 
  • We typically work best with SMBs (small/medium size businesses) that need to onboard, train and develop their teams efficiently.
  • We specialize in helping  companies organize, train and scale their teams and help to create a single place where your team can find the resources they need to do their best work
  • We also have a deep understanding of the training needs of franchise systems. The particular needs of onboarding new franchisees, upskilling your existing franchisees and helping deliver consistent experiences across your locations is core to how we started.
  • Organizations that require a built-in SCORM authoring tool
  • Organizations where you want to provide access to training without requiring a user account

Absolutely! Our core platforms provides a tremendous amount of value for small organizations with aspirations to scale. We often speak about how you’re “doing it already” in terms of recording your best practices and capturing your institutional knowledge from an early stage.

  • You gain instant access to world class soft skill training to upskill your existing sales skills, leadership skills, recruiting skills and more
  • You can start to capture your best practices and get it “out of your head” so you have a tool to train your next hires. This can save you countless hours of work alone!
  • Build your internal “operating system” so you have a more valuable business should you decide to sell one day
  • Have access to enough users that your Platform cost is likely to be stable for a long time
  • Employee onboarding and training
  • Franchisee onboarding & training
  • Customer training
  • Association management
  • Sales team training 
  • Employee development and upskilling

Our platforms are used in many different industries to achieve different goals. Below are some examples:

  • Consulting
  • Business Coaching & Advising
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Associations
  • Business Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Franchise Systems
  • Retail

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